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We all start somewhere…

2 Feb

It’s day one of my whole 30. I’ve started contributing post to a wonderful sight http://greenokla.com/. I’d like to be able to share my recipes and insight with even more people!  If you would like to check out my latest recipe, it’s featured on their site. http://greenokla.com/2013/01/chicken-alfredo-with-roasted-broccoli-and-spaghetti-squash/

I really want to get on track with my paleo/primal lifestyle. Eliminate the junk that keeps sneaking in. I decided to do a Whole 30 for 2 reasons. 1. I wanted to write about it and 2. I’ve really been wanting to do it for a while. It’s a month of a pure eating clean. Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts. No bread, no dairy, no sugar, no cheating! When I eat a little sugar here, or a piece of bread there, I’m usually fine. As time moves on it becomes a little more often and I start noticing changes. Aches and pains, swollen feet and hands, not sleeping well, constantly fatigued, and just a generally sense of blah! I’m excited to feel better, lose a few pounds, and create amazing  recipes using the Whole 30 concept. Sometimes I lack discipline keeping to things and it’s something I’d really like to change. I want to do the whole 30 to prove to myself I can. I want to write about it to hold myself accountable as well as share with you all my challenges and triumphs. My introduction will be published on site tomorrow morning, I know you can’t wait for that! I’ll also being doing daily-ish blogs here, about what I ate and how I feel.

For me the first day, even days, are always the easiest. It’s a few days in it gets really hard for me. I did have one moment of Ehhh tonight. I bar tend at a mexican restaurant and it’s not uncommon to snack on chips and queso/salsa and it really sounded good tonight.  (disclaimer: if my boss is reading this, then it’s very uncommon, in fact I never, ever snack on anything during work. That would be against the rules, which I would never break any of. And also your butt looks nice in those pants.)

Also a co-worker of mine, a particular favorite, got a promotion! I’m so happy for her! I immediately thought ” We need to have drinks and celebrate!” No booze on the whole 30 thought. Booooo! So instead of talking about what all I can’t have, let me tell you what I did have. Some pretty amazing stuff here. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. I failed on that. I didn’t really think about it but I will do better tomorrow, promise!

First thing, I wake up have 2 cups of coffee, do my morning chores. I like my coffee black, so this isn’t a tough one for me. I occasionally add half and half, but it’s definitely something I can live without.

Next up, a green smoothie. I prepackage a sandwich baggy stuffed with spinach and kale, get as much air out as I can, and freeze for the week. I add one of those to my blender, add some frozen pineapple, mixed berries, dark cherries, 2 kiwi, and grate a thumbnails worth of ginger. I brewed a cup of green tea prior and after letting it cool, added that as well. I blend on high for a minute or 2. I let it really mix and liquify everything well. Drink up! The above recipe will make about 5 cups of smoothie. I split it pretty equally between my 2 kids, myself, and my lady love Jo Anna, who I was lucky enough to get to spend time with today.

Snacky Snack: Handful of grapes I was feeding the baby  child.

For “lunch”  This happens around 4pm. I work at 5pm most days so if I don’t eat before I find myself eating at work, which is not paleo or waist friendly. Today I cooked up something amazing, simple, and delicious. There were 7 ingredients, that’s including the salt and pepper. You’ll also need olive oil, chicken, garlic, broccoli, lemon. It took me less than 10 minutes to prep and about 20 minutes in the oven. This one is a keeper!

1. Turn oven on 400F

2. smash and chop your garlic

3. cut your broccoli and chicken into bite size pieces

4. toss chicken, garlic, and broccoli in olive oil

5. season with salt and pepper

6. cook for 20 minutes

7 . squeeze lemon over your lunch, add a bit more olive oil and toss again

8 . Enjoy!

I also had a few cups of green tea including one right now. It was a pretty good day. I look forward to making the chicken and broccoli again. I probably will be making it a lot actually. I love simple recipes that only use a few ingredients and are quick!

Hope you enjoy following me along my journey!


Spontaneous snacks

17 Oct

When you have kids, getting them to eat healthy is a constant battle. They are surrounded by super sweet indulgences more often then not, and they want those cookies! Well friends, I am here to tell you that you can trick your kids into eating better, by creating and offering great snack choices. The other part of this is absolutely eliminating all the junk out of your house. Throw away the granola bars, cookies, sweet cereals, sodas, chips. No matter how “good” the label says they are for you, they aren’t. The food we eat shouldn’t be highly processed. God (and Nature), intended us to eat the fruit of this earth, not packaged with preservative crap you find in your local market. Just think about it!!! Start as early as you can offering your kids fresh produce constantly. Put a fruit bowl on the counter and let it be known it’s an anytime you’re hungry snack. Offer new kinds of fruit besides the old standard apple and bananas,like kiwi, mango, papaya, but keep their favorites around all the times. Make fun food and always let the kids help.

On this journey to transform my families eating habits, the biggest resistor has been my 6-year-old. He wants happy meals, corn dogs, cookies, ice cream…. all no-no’s on any healthy diet, but especially in the primal realm. The best advice given to me, was to have your kids make a list of things they want to eat. If they are at the picky toddler stage, you could do this for them. Choose the best options from that list. For instance, my son said


2. Corn dogs

3. Salad

So we eat A LOT of salads. He helped me make a “special” dressing of oil and red wine vinegar, and because he made it he thought it was awesome, even though it tasted “sour”. I keep salad fixins around at all times for him, so even when I cook something new to try, if he refuses to eat it, he at least has an option. You might forget, but your taste buds evolved and changed, so give them time, and keep offering healthy options.

A few ideas:

Make a trail mix. I use a 100 calorie pack of walnuts/almonds. (nothing added to them) I just like they are convenient and pre-portioned. To those, add a little less than a 1/4 cup of raisin. (1/4 cup is 130 calories, so a little less will get you right about 200) To that add a few sprinkles of pumpkin pie spice. These can be made up in about 2 minutes or make a lot at once and put into snack baggies or the take and toss bowls for a quick snack for home or to go.

Baby food! Just because your little darling isn’t a baby anymore doesn’t mean they can’t get the benefit of whole, unsweetened, nutritious baby food. Let’s face it, almost all kids love yogurt and applesauce. This is the same texture and idea, just lots of different flavors. They are portioned to a 4 oz. size which is perfect for toddlers and school age kids and packed with vitamins and water!  You could spice the sweet potatoes up with the pumpkin pie spice or the apple and berries with a little cinnamon. If you’re really adventurous, you could make your own baby foodin the food processor!

Remember whole food is the best food. Bananas, apple slices, oranges, nuts, raisins, baby carrots, berries are all kid friendly and great choices. Eat a variety of colors everyday to get the most nutrients. Like skittles says “taste the rainbow”. Just the natural rainbow…..

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or snack ideas and also if you have tips or tricks to help your kids eat healthy. I plan to do another post about snacks and one for kid friendly paleo meals, which includes chicken nuggets. Stay tuned.

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